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Two Faint Lines

June 20, 2018

Written by Makayla Andrus, guest blogger

Two pink lines. That’s it. That’s all I wanted. Until I got them (lightly). Then lost them. Then got them again. Then lost them again. Got them again. Then lost them. Got them. Lost them. Got them. Lost them.

Motherhood was always the end goal for me. I’m a total planner, I can’t help it. I decided that April/May would be a great time to have a child, so that’s what we planned. To our excitement we got pregnant right away. Perfect! We were right on schedule. Until we weren’t. The first signs of trouble came during the middle of a lesson to a group of thirty-three six graders. Not the most ideal time for a break down. Well, one miscarriage isn’t uncommon. Everyone said not to worry, it happens to most people. Well the second, third, fourth, and fifth time came around with the heating pads and muscle relaxing cream never leaving my bedside. I Googled every possible reason and analyzed every time I felt overtired, thirsty, or moody (which was all too often during the Clomid months).

We decided it was finally time to meet with a fertility doctor. We spent the next several weeks doing test after test. Finally we had answers as to why we had so many miscarriages. I have a genetic condition called Balanced Translocation. In simple terms, this mean that two chromosomes break off and switch places, resulting in a miscarriage. There is no cure for this, but odds were if we kept trying we would eventually have a child. It was such a relief to finally know the reason why, but the the percentages were not in our favor. Each time we are able to get pregnant we have an 80% chance of having a miscarriage. The only medical option was to do IVF, with only a 20% chance of having 1 healthy embryo to transfer. Since we needed extra testing to make sure the embryo was healthy, IVF would cost around $19,000 with no refund if it was unsuccessful; nevertheless, we decided to give it a try. Two weeks before we were supposed to make our first down payments for IVF, we found out we were pregnant. To our total surprise we were able to carry that child full term. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

I know what it feels like to make a dozen cute pregnancy announcements (but never be able to post them), smile through baby showers, and anxiously await those two minutes before you feel confident enough to check for those two little lines. The bathroom floor can feel like the loneliest place. To the women out there who have your favorite ovulation calculator site, single handedly paid for First Response’s corporate bonuses, and downloaded and deleted too many pregnancy apps to count, please know that you are not alone in this trial.

This is the sole reason why we started Declan Roe. We are a children’s clothing/accessory deal website that gives 15% of our profits to families struggling to pay for IVF, adoption, or surrogacy. We have partnered with a non-profit called Bundled Blessings to give our profit to this year. We hope to be able to give to several different non-profits each year as we grow our business. The late nights of writing emails, ordering product, and shipping orders will all be worth it to bring those precious souls to their parents. It’s what drives me to make this business work and that pay day will be worth more than any check. Too many couples know that the costs of infertility treatments are crippling. We are committed to lessening that financial strain and thanks to you, Declan Roe is fulfilling that commitment.

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