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Considering Adoption?

June 7, 2016

My adorable, perfect little angel baby is 3 months old!! Grant really is just the sweetest lil guy with a darling personality that’s really starting to emerge. Recently I’ve received lots of questions in regards to how exactly my husband and I went about adopting him. Let me tell you it was a long and complicated road and no two adoption stories are the same. Originally we went through Independent Adoption Center about 2 years ago when we lived in LA, but shortly after becoming certified we went through a failed adoption. It was devastating and unfortunately pretty common with adoptions. The birthmom wasn’t totally honest with us and ended up changing her mind. As you can imagine we took this loss extremely hard. We thought we were about to take home a baby girl and then in a second it was all taken away from us.

Not long after that we moved to Northern Cal and decided we wanted something different in an agency so we went through the whole certification over with Family Connections Christian Adoption. They are a non profit that matches couples with foster kids. We were actually very close to committing to foster/adopt a sibling set when we got the phone call about Grant. A friend in Phoenix knew we were trying to adopt and connected us with Grant’s birthmom. It was fate.

If you are hoping to adopt, I’d suggest starting with your network of friends and family. Let them know about your desire to adopt. Then I would research every adoption option available (there are quite a few) and choose what’s best for you and your family. Every option has its pros and cons, but feel good knowing that whatever choice you make is the right one. You are one step closer to meeting your babe. Adoption for us was so many things- full of heartbreak, magic moments and just about every emotion in between, but I can’t even begin to explain the joy that this little peanut has brought to our lives. God is SOOO good.

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