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July 14, 2016

I am officially one month out (give or take a few days) from meeting my little babe! I can’t believe how quickly these last 9 months have gone by and that soon my baby girl will be in my arms. While I cannot wait to see her darling little face, I must admit I am already feeling sad about not being pregnant anymore. Sounds kinda crazy, right? I just shared that thought with some girlfriends who immediately burst out laughing. I get it…being pregnant isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but boy is it the most special experience ever. At least for me anyway.

I’ll admit my first trimester was far from perfection. On top of being super anxious and worried about the possibility of having another miscarriage, I was also extremely sick. From Week 6 through Week 16 I could not keep a single thing down. Sorry this is gross, but literally anything I ate made me puke. Even smells like my dishwasher or my  refrigerator (which are both very clean) had me running for the toilet! I survived on Saltines and chicken broth, which is why I lost 7 pounds in the first trimester. Poor baby girl! Not to mention, I had terrible migraine- like headaches that would appear for hours at a time. I was a HOT MESS!! All that being said, those symptoms were actually quite reassuring. I knew that the sicker I felt, the healthier she was! In fact one day, probably at about 9 weeks, I actually felt good for about 4 hours. No nausea, no headaches, no nothing. I was so used to feeling awful that I freaked out, called my Doctor and begged to come in for a ultrasound. I arrived to the Doctors in a tear stained panic, only to be reassured that my teeny tiny baby was totally fine and I had overreacted. I got home and immediately puked. Lol, so all was well.

Besides the grossness of my first trimester, which wasn’t even that bad, my pregnancy has been a dream. In my second trimester I got my appetite back in a MAJOR way! That’s when my my love affair with donuts began! I also got a huge boost of energy which made me feel like Wonderwoman. I started working out again and had never felt so happy or content. These euphoric feelings continued right on into my third trimester and up to today! Lately I’ve received many cautionary warnings that it would “just be a matter of time” until I felt totally awful. “Your feet will swell, your back will ache, your stretch marks will appear, you’ll be exhausted etc etc.” So far, I am still one very happy camper. I continue to feel fabulous-like the very best version of myself.

Perhaps I am too happy to be tired or to excited to notice an aching back? Maybe I’m just reallllly lucky and am having a kick ass third trimester. I’m not exactly sure, but what I have learned is that PERSPECTIVE is EVERYTHING! When Doctors tell you that you will never be able to get pregnant and then miraculously you are, trust me, it’s not something you take for granted. Infertility sucked the life outta me…took away my joy and damaged my spirit; but this sweet child has given it all back to me. I feel as though I am a walking, talking miracle! Truly! Also, I am lucky enough to have a darling baby boy who needs my constant love and attention (we adopted Grant 4 months ago) and things will definitely change once Sissy arrives. I will miss that special one on one time with my sweet Grant. Right now I’m able to have both my babes with me at all times. Finally, who knows if I will be able to get pregnant again? Doctors said it would never happen, so maybe this is a fluke and I’m one and done? The only thing I’m certain of is that I am so unbelievably grateful for this beautiful experience and I’m not quite ready to give it up just yet. But talk to me again in about a month 😉

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