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July 3, 2014

This was the very best text to wake up to on the morning of my retrieval. It was sent to me by a dear, dear friend who always seems to be there for me when I need it the most. My follicles and I got a good laugh outta this (especially #8) and then we teared up a little. (It’s the meds) Thank you thank you my sweet friend. I love you. XO

19 great things your follicles should know about you…..

1-you’re beautiful inside and out.

2- you can walk the talk.

3- you love your friends

4- you love And believe in God

5- you are never afraid to tell those you love how you feel

6- you will always stand up for what u believe in

7- your friends adore you

8- your smile and laughter can brighten up a room with or without wine….lol

9-family is important to you.

10-you know that everything happens for a reason (lived through it, past it and beyond it)

11-you believe in fairy tale love

12- you fear no Camera

13-you are hot as a blonde or a brunette

14-you’re passing them an amazing work ethic

15- you leave a lasting positive impression on those you meet.

16-you’ve learned that true love always finds it’s way home

17-you have the courage to share what would make most run to seclusion

18-your determination to succeed is what got them this far

19-you acknowledge and appreciate exactly how precious each and every one of them are!!!!

I love you my sweet friend!
Now Go give those eggs girl!!!

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