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Staying Humble and Kind

January 11, 2018

Written By: Tonee Cramer, Guest Blogger

When my husband and I married in November 2013, we knew that we wanted a family right away and were hopeful it would happen in the first year. Due to my previous medical issues as a child, my OB wanted to do some further testing. After over a year of tests, charting cycles, surgery to clear out scar tissue, and four rounds of Letrazole, our OB decided it would be best for us to move on to a fertility specialist.

My husband and I both agreed that wasn’t our path and decided to turn to another way of starting a family. We both were doing research on adoptions without the other one knowing! One day we sat down at the dining room table and decided that adoption is our calling from God. We contacted an agency and figured it would take a couple years to adopt a baby but we were willing to wait to our miracle.

In November 2016, we started the process and finally finished with all the paperwork the following January. Our profile was finally ready! Initially, we had two expectant mothers look at our profile but in the end, we weren’t chosen. It was very hard but we kept saying “Our baby is out there. Just be patient.”

On April 25, 2017, we got a call that our profile was shown to an expectant other due in October and we were one of two couples she narrowed down but she would be making her final decision the following day. However, there was a little more to the story! Her support person was her sister who also was expecting and due May 23 – just a short four weeks away! We couldn’t stop smiling and both said “yes, we will adopt that baby who is due in May.”

The next morning our social workers called and said “Well the October mother has chosen you as well. Is that something you want?” My husband and I both knew it would be very challenging but we accepted both babies! We are fortunate enough to have a wonderful support system and knew these babies were meant to be ours. We met both expectant mothers on May 5 and were so excited we couldn’t hold back the smiles.

Our first baby boy was born May 16. We brought him home when he was just 26 hours old! We continued to attend prenatal appointments for the October baby and he was born October 1. If you do the math, that makes our boys just 4 1/2 months apart! It hasn’t been an easy journey but it’s exactly the journey we have wanted. My husband and I work together to care for the babies, and although we aren’t perfect- we try really hard for them! Our saying throughout our entire infertility and adoption process was- always stay humble and kind.

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