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Alexis the OctoMom…Sorta

October 9, 2014

The retrieval went as good as can be expected. (Please refer to my latest vlog for what really went down. Hehe, thank you very much anesthesia.) This whole process is such a numbers game. We got 15 eggs (my highest number so far) and of those 15, 8 of them fertilized.  Yippee! That’s more than half! Now it’s down to those 8 little embies, sitting patiently in a petrie dish in a lab somewhere, hopefully growing and developing and turning into beautiful little blastocysts. So technically, at the moment that makes me the new OctoMom! Ha!

Everyday I picture those little babes; I wonder what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, if they’re playing nicely with the other embryos at the playground. I guess motherhood really starts at conception.


We’ll get a progress report soon to find out the maturity of my little honeys, but the real test will be when we get results from the PGD screening. Last round we had 5 fertilized embryos to work with and all 5 of those had multiple chromosomal abnormalities. Not good. After 3 months spent trying to improve my egg quality we are hoping for a totally different result. If even just one egg was normal, we would be floored. (Obviously in my perfect world all 8 would be normal, but I’m just being real because in my actual perfect world I would have had my baby 2 years ago, therefore sharing the inner workings of my reproductive organs would not be necessary.)

So after the PGD test if we have at least one normal embryo, my Doctors would like to transfer right away. We had talked about freezing for a month to let my body recover after the retrieval and all the meds, but they believe it’s better for the embies to be inside me. In their proper home. Resting comfortably.

In just a few days we’ll know for sure what’s what. I’ve got everything crossed that this is OUR TIME. Our babies are coming. Our babies are coming. But just to be safe, if you don’t mind saying a little prayer for this OctoMom and her teeny babies it would be much appreciated. XO




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  • Reply tasha niemeyer October 9, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    I am hoping and praying for you and your hubby. I have read and watched your updates throughout this extremely personal process, and I admire your strength and perseverance. Everything will fall into place and you WILL be a mom. Good luck.

  • Reply Aitza Ortiz October 9, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Oh Alexis!!! I’m @ an appt in the lobby, and as I read this, I started to cry!!! THIS IS IT BABY GIRL!!!! All my love from Maricopa, AZ and praying, praying, praying!!!! #godisgreatallthetime #allthetimegodisgreat

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