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My Resolve Is My Armor

August 21, 2020

Written by Kimberly Morrison, Guest Blogger

Our story begins with, which is how we met back in 2008. We like to think of ourselves as pioneers of modern dating apps.

I, a teacher, sent a hello message to a hot firefighter. We first met up at Starbucks and talked for hours – far after Starbucks closed.

I thought his jokes were funny and he loved that I liked to banter. Our first real date was to The Comedy Store in La Jolla – hysterically laughing together created a major connection. We shared traits that reinforced our bond and the values we share.

The rest is history. Marriage, world travel, the whole nine yards. Treks through Europe, sailing the Caribbean and Mexico have created incredible memories for us. We then decided that we wanted to start a family. Easy, right? No. Not even a little bit “easy.” Our greatest struggle has been starting a family as we’ve struggled with 3 miscarriages.

We had no idea what “1 in 4” even meant until the second time it happened. The sad thing is, we endured it all alone. We have an incredible family and amazing support network. Our fire family is an extended family. However, we kept it secret. Why?? This is the question that helped drive us in our mission to help make this something that people don’t feel ashamed of. Nobody should endure this alone.

After my second miscarriage, we had our son Logan, our very own Rainbow Baby!! He’s quite literally one of the coolest people we have ever met! We cannot thank our luckiest star enough for blessing us with him. When Logan was 2 years old, we tried for another child and really wanted to have a sibling for Logan. Unfortunately, after almost a year of trying, we had our third miscarriage.

We have now been TTC for over a year after our 3rd loss and still nothing. We won’t give up. However each month that passes unsuccessfully tears us up a bit more.

My husband wrote a children’s book that is a tribute to every woman that’s struggled through the trials and tribulations while TTC. It’s a hero’s tale of triumph in the face of overwhelming suffering and loss. It’s from the father’s point of view, telling his son how his mommy is a warrior and never gave up.

With that story told, my resolve is my armor. It has gotten me through three losses to finally becoming a mother, and it will do so again! I won’t accept no for an answer. Our desire to grow our family is unrelenting, and we know that Logan will be the best big brother, someday! <3

If you’d like to connect with Kimberly or learn more about their story, you can find her over on Instagram, her husband Mark’s Instagram, their Facebook page or their Website!

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