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Harper Wilde

October 2, 2017

Hello lovely ladies of WTF community!

Jane and Jenna here from Harper Wilde. WTF is Harper Wilde, you ask?

Well, to make a long story short, about a year and a half ago, we started asking a lot of “WTF”s when it came to bra shopping. For instance, “Why-TF are bras so expensive?” and “Why-TF is bra shopping such a hassle and an invasive experience?”

We started looking into the bra industry, and instead of finding answers, we ran into more questions: why is the bra industry so over-sexualized? Why do bras have so many embellishments? Why is a product that is meant for us, typically marketed toward men?

This spurred a drive and a passion to create a better experience, better products, and a brand that women are proud to stand behind.

Enter: Harper Wilde. Harper Wilde takes the B.S. out of Bra Shopping. We make bra shopping as simple as possible with free home try-on and curated options, and make quality products at fair prices. Our mission is to empower women with our products and also by giving back to put young girls through school. We aim to lift up your ladies while helping to lift up the next generation of leading ladies (enter: “#LiftUpTheLadies).

We know that moms are the busiest women on this planet and bra shopping is the last thing on your minds. Who has time to spend 3 hours shopping for a bra? We want to give you that time back for the things that matter in life, and provide the most convenient online bra shopping experience. No stores, no measuring tape, no condescending sales associates. Just pick the bras you want to try for free, and they’re delivered to you at home, where you can try them on in your own time (whether that be in between nap & feeding times, work, etc).

We built this brand with one goal in mind – to help as many women and girls as we possibly can through our factory, supply chain, product, service, and donation. Education is so important for children, but can be difficult to access. We’ve partnered with Glamour magazine’s The Girl Project to help provide education to the 50 million young girls around the world who don’t have access to it.

We’ve read so many unbelievable stories on What The Fertility, and are inspired by all of you and this community. We’d like to give away a free bra to two amazing women of the WTF community to help save you some time, and make a difference while doing it. Head over to What The Fertility’s instagram to for a chance to get your ladies lifted! We will pick two entries on 10/6/17 and notify those two lucky ladies by email. Also, please head over to to learn more about our mission and join our Wilde Women community to continue supporting women and girls everywhere. Thank you for supporting us in supporting you and the future generation of leading ladies! #LiftUpTheLadies

PS. Need a laugh? Check out our video, where we show what it would look like if men shopped for boxers the way women shop for bras!

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