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Grow Follies Grow!

October 3, 2014


Here’s what my follicles look like after 8 days of stimulation. Gorgeous, huh? They’re measuring in at about 14mm each which is right on target; usually follicles are about 20 mm at retrieval.  As per usual my right ovary is an over achiever producing a majority of the follicles and my lefty is a slacker. Apparently it’s common to have one ovary that’s a super star.

So we’re on track for a retrieval in a few days, either Monday or Tuesday. We go back in on Saturday for one more appointment before my Doctor makes the call. Until then I continue the stim medications, plus I’ll be adding Ganirelix to the mix. This injectable ensures that my body doesn’t accidentally ovulate before it’s time. If that were to happen the entire cycle would be a wash.

As far as how I’m feeling? I’m doing good. I’m anxious and excited. I just cannot wait to see what the embryologists discover in the PGD testing. That is the real test. Will the quality of my eggs have improved enough to make a healthy baby? God knows, I hope so.

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