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Grant’s Birth Story

August 11, 2016

As we eagerly await the arrive of our little girl, I can’t help but think about the day when my first babe was born. Back in March, 7 weeks prior to Grant’s due date I had flown out to Phoenix for a quickie visit with our Birthmom, Jessica. She had a Doctor’s appointment and we planned to go to dinner. As soon as we got to the appointment, Jess was immediately told to go the hospital because her blood pressure was dangerously high. (She had a history of preeclampsia.) We drove to the hospital and next thing I know she’s being admitted! They said “You’re not leaving this hospital until that baby is born!”

So there I was in Phoenix with nothing but the clothes on my back and the stuff in my purse! I spent the first night in the hospital with Jess which was pretty miserable for us both! (Remember I’m 19 weeks pregnant at this point and was just starting to get over my horrid “morning sickness”) The next few days while we waited for Grant to be born, I spent all of my time at the hospital with Jess and her family. That extra time turned out to be a blessing; Jess and I really got to know each other. We talked about everything and nothing and those days together were such a gift. Gabe flew in a few days later (bringing me clean clothes finally!) and we spent the weekend anxiously waiting for our babe to arrive. Sunday night Gabe flew home because we were told it could still be several more days, but Monday morning (3/14, Pi day!) Doctors gave the go ahead and it was time to meet Grant. (Gabe hopped on flight and made it back about an hour after Grant was born.) Jess so generously allowed me to be with her in the OR during the C-section. I gingerly sat down next to her and we held hands when the Doctors started working. Neither of us tried to fight the tears that poured down; though Jess’ crystal blue-green eyes shone with an incredible beauty coupled with so much sadness. I’ll never for as long as I live forget the look in her eyes in that moment. At 12:13pm we heard Grant’s first cries and I totally lost it. My baby was finally here…4lbs 8ozs of perfection. When I saw him for the first time my heart exploded. My love for him was already unconditional and absolute. There was no doubt this was my child.


Grant spent the next 3 weeks in the NICU so his lungs could develop and his little body could grow. A month after I arrived, I finally left Phoenix with my precious little love. It was the most beautiful and perfectly imperfect experience. It’s hard to believe I’m lucky enough to feel that newborn baby love all over again…any day now.

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