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Giving it to God

October 11, 2014

There’s been a change of plans! This is pretty much ALWAYS the case with infertility. Planning is a joke.

Originally we “planned” to do the PGD testing on our Day 5 embryos. If any of them tested normal, we would implant on Day 6. That changed when we got a pretty tough call this morning from our Doctor’s office saying that all 8 of our embies were immature. None of them had reached blastocyst stage which is expected by Day 5. We spoke to the embryologist who said that just in the past few hours 2 of our embies had started to change from Morula (expected on Day 4) to compact, basically starting to change into blastocysts. That is of course promising, but we’ve had this problem before. The embryos don’t mature to blastocysts. In fact last round, they had all arrested (died) by Day 5. My Doctor said that about 30% of the time embryos don’t actually mature until Day 6, so there is still a chance, albeit small, for my little babies.

Soooo this is how we proceed. Wait until tomorrow morning (Day 6) and see if any of the embryos have turned into blastocysts. (Please please please please let that happen! If it does not, then that’s it for us.) BUT if they do, then we’re faced with 2 choices:

1)  Go ahead with the PGD testing to see if there are any normal embryos. If there are, freeze them and transfer next month. This choice gives us peace of mind knowing that when we eventually transfer the embryos, they will be chromosomally normal. The downside is that it also puts any embryos that are actually viable at risk because of all the extra handling.


2) Don’t worry about the PGD testing and transfer the best looking 2 or 3 embryos tomorrow. If any of them are viable, they’ll have a better chance of surviving without undergoing the PGD test and freeze. But the downside to this choice is that I could be implanting a chromosomally abnormal embryo only to later miscarry or never even become pregnant at all.

We’ve decided to call a Hail Mary on this one and transfer the embryos tomorrow. Option #2. It’s a long shot, but it makes the most sense to us. So first up, we gotta get some gorgeous blastocysts tomorrow morning. But of course…it’s all up to God.

We’re having faith that one or more of the embryos will be viable without testing to ensure that.

We’re trusting that these little babies will thrive and grow inside me.

We’re hoping that this is finally our time.

We’re praying for a MIRACLE.




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  • Reply Alizondrya Eplin October 11, 2014 at 11:42 pm

    My prayers and thoughts are you with and Gabe thru this all!!! I have been following your blog and vlog. You will be blessed!! It radiates from you! May God have his hand on you thru this trying time.

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