District Judge William Alsup’s ruling doesn’t allow new DACA

November 25, 2013

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perfect hermes replica The system has already been piloted in 20 childcare centers in the state, and was supposed to expand to 38 luxury replica bags counties on Nov. 1 and the remaining 42 counties on Feb. 1. The injunction could make it much harder than the White House thought to make DACA go away. District Judge William Alsup’s ruling doesn’t allow new DACA applications, it lets people who hold the protections keep renewing them past the March 5 deadline set by the Trump administration. If litigation drags on for several months, as it likely will, DACA might remain in effect through 2020, and possibly into a new administration.. perfect hermes replica

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“The measure of a government’s achievements is does it have a set of policies that are different from the previous government and that will accelerate growth in the country and how many of those policies have been implemented in the period we are talking about. That is the measure of a government. “.

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