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November 5, 2014

Your RE recommends that you try acupuncture. “It’ll enhance your IVF treatments, ” he says knowingly. Sounds great, but who has time for yet another appointment? Infertility has already taken over your life. Is it even possible to squeeze in one more obligation all while “staying calm.” Don’t move a muscle. Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture will come to you! Yes, you can actually relax in the comfort of your home while getting acupuncture treatments. WTF talked to LA Mobile Acu about de-stressing, get comfy with needles and a treatment called moxibustion.

WTF: What inspired you to start a “mobile” acupuncture business?

LAMA: I found that the need and want of the house call never left. With my desire to help and enjoyment of travel, it just seemed right. I heard quite a few stories of people almost having a car accident after acupuncture because they were spacey. If you come out to a parking ticket after an amazing treatment, it might feel like you just wasted a treatment. If you’ve ever been hurt before, you know how hard it can be to get around. I found more and more reasons why it made sense to help you at your location.

WTF: Does the decreased stress (from rushing to get to the appointment, driving etc) actually enhance the treatments? 

LAMA: When was the last time driving in traffic made you feel really good? Your body functions and heals the best when you are relaxed and feel safe. Being an aggressive or defensive driver is not relaxing or healing. If you worry about being on time, finding parking or how much time and effort everything takes, you aren’t healing like you should. You are in stress mode and stress mode is about fighting and escaping danger. Los Angeles Mobile Acupuncture destresses your day and maximizes your you time.

WTF: How can acupuncture help in the fertility department?

LAMA: Acupuncture has been administered for reproductive problems since about 1500 BCE.  For the Women, acupuncture and herbal medicine can increase sexual desire and regulate each of the four phases of ovulation. A consistent cycle improves your chances of pregnancy. Treatment also helps with threatened miscarriage, timely labor, and malposition before birthing. For the Man, treatment can increase sexual desire, improve function, and maximize sperm quality and motility.

WTF: What do you say to first timers who are scared of the “big needles?”

LAMA: I don’t like big needles either; they hurt. That’s why I do acupuncture. These are small enough to put at least 10 in one big needle. You have nothing to worry about. Many people barely feel a thing and those that do, report pressure not pain. I like to practice feel good medicine.

WTF: How often do clients trying to conceive need treatments for it to be effective?

LAMA: Cultivating your fertility health and womb wellness could take 3-6 months. It takes time to properly regulate your ovulation cycle, increase follicular output, and improve uterine lining. Maximum benefits of acupuncture can last 72 hours. For best results, I recommend acupuncture fertility treatments two times a week and within a day of IVF transfer.

Herbal medicine is prescribed 2-3 times a day and comes in capsules, pills, powder (for tea), or raw herb packets (for tea). Formulas can change every week.

WTF: What is moxibusiton and how does it help with fertility?

LAMA: You may have used a heat pad during period cramps. Moxibustion is like an herbal heat pad and keeps the “guest palace” warm and inviting. The main herb of moxa is mugwort, which is used for coldness, difficult menstruation, or bleeding with threatened miscarriage. It boosts core temperature, reduces cramps, improves circulation, and nourishes the uterus.

WTF: Is there anything clients can do on their own to make acu treatments more effective?

LAMA: Make sure you breathe and try to keep it fun. The uterus is called the “guest palace” in Chinese medicine. You should cultivate a warm, overly pampered womb of peace, nourishment, and love; somewhere that would feel safe. Eat a little bit at least 2 hours before treatment. Keep your belly, low back and knees covered to improve regular core temperature. I recommend sticking to a schedule that allows for proper rest of 8-9 hours. You should be eating healthy and balanced meals at the same time every day. I recommend meditation to help deal with stress, set your intention, and relax. And don’t forget to Love.

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