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One Special Birthday

March 20, 2017

I know it should have set in by now, but I’m still over here in disbelief that I have a one year old!?  How did that happen? Wasn’t Grant just a lil 4 pound preemie in the NICU a second ago?! But honestly I struggles with what to do about Grant’s birthday party? On one hand he’ll never remember his party and would probably rather play in a cardboard box  buuuuut on the other hand he’s my special guy and will only turn one once, right? So I was stuck between an intimate celebration with just family and a lil cake OR blowing it up and hiring a legit circus complete with elephant rides.  After sharing my thoughts with Gabe (who continues to think I’m looney tunes) we settled on something in between a cardboard box and the big top for Grant’s party.

This makes me happy. I suppose this celebration isn’t just about Grant and how far he’s come (literally and figuratively) but also for us as a family and our journey to each other. I mean what’s NOT to celebrate about our smiley, happy, darling guy Grant!? So bring on all the cake and glitter and balloons (he seriously loves balloons) because we’ll never pass up an opportunity to love on our precious angel babe.

So here it is: Grant’s Dance Party! The theme of course in honor of the hilarious little “dance” he came up with as a tiny babe. Humongous thanks to my friend Alli aka The Classy Broad for making all my Pinterest party dreams come true! Alli is so super organized and crafty…from choosing the theme, to scouring the internet for the cutest products to fine tuning the very smallest of details. She is so fabulous and trust me, you’re gonna want to make your life easier and use her for your next event!

My girl Jess from Glam Banners made so many darling, sparkly pieces for the party that you betta believe I’m gonna use them all again for Gigi’s 1st bday in 5 months!  My friends from Mabel’s Labels put together THE cutest lil party favors for all of Grant’s friends. Personalized name stickers that I paired with rock candy to tie in the theme! Seriously so sweet!

I am so glad that I decided to go for it and plan a party for my babe. Even though Grant will never remember his 1st Birthday Party, I will and it always be one of my favorite days. Cue the happy tears, this was a beautiful celebration for our whole family in more ways than one.




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