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We LOVE Ruffle Butts

September 27, 2016

Just like every one else in California, we’re over here waiting for Fall to arrive! At the moment we’re hiding indoors with the AC cranked on high, but it won’t be long now…evening walks in the crisp Autumn air, way too many Salted Caramel Mochas and dinny warming in the crockpot!


And of course best of all-Fall clothing!!! Grant and Gigi are all suited up for the season in their darling Ruffle Butts and and Rugged Butts outfits. I mean…can you even handle the adorableness?! Grant lookin’ all cozy in his plaid button up and the big bow on her booty!!? I can’t! I’m pretty sure there’s nothing cuter than little ones sporting plaid…and so on-trend too! Shop this look and other darling Fall styles HERE! So until the weather can actually cooperate with what the calendar reads, the babes will just be getting a head start on the season and looking as darling as can be. 


Links to Grant and Gigi’s clothes:

Buffalo Plaid RuffleButt

Buffalo Plaid Headband

Boys Buffalo Plaid One Piece

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Back on The Doctors

September 9, 2016

imageToday we were back on The Doctors sharing the happy update to our infertility story. The Doctors started following us on our journey to start a family about 3 years ago. In front of a national audience we shared our fears and insecurities, 3 unsuccessful rounds of IVF, a failed adoption, and our struggle to make sense of a life without kids…really it was quite depressing. Every time we went on the show for an update I cried explaining our progress (or lack there of) because I was just so darn heartbroken. Well today I also cried, but they were happy tears as I finally introduced our son and daughter. It was such a relief to have positive news to share for once! At times I questioned our decision to share our journey in such a public way (I mean, hello TMI!?) but now I’m so glad we did. Perhaps we’re able to give hope to other couples battling infertility and if so then we clearly made the right choice. Infertility is such a silent struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Btw, the kids were absolute dolls while we filmed. Phew! Afterwards was a different story as you can see, but hey…they’re babies, that’s what they do! Our segment is slated to air September 19th! You have to watch and see how Dr. Travis Stork and Mabel’s Labels surprised us- it’s pretty special!


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