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It’s A Miracle

April 6, 2016

You are the God who performs miracles-Psalm 77:14

It is with so much elation that I can finally share with you the wonderful news that I am miraculously pregnant! No IVF, no fertility treatments…nothing. Just God! I am 22 weeks and feeling so unbelievably fantastic! I can hardly believe I’m holding my baby boy in my arms and my baby girl in my belly! I am FINALLY a mom! Praise the Lord!

As for our little peanut Grant, we have had an absolutely wonderful experience the past 3 weeks here at Banner Thunderbird Hospital. The Doctors and Nurses in the NICU have taken exceptional care of my lil guy and I will forever be grateful for them for that. Buuuut it’s time to go! Grant is a healthy little 5 pounder and we’re being sent home!! I still can’t believe this teeny babe is all mine.


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