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To the Momma Hurting this Mother’s Day

Lauren Bennett | May 8, 2020

Written by Ginny Helmer, Guest Blogger To the momma with empty arms, As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant with our miracle child. Our precious and oh-so-prayed-for rainbow baby boy. Yes, rainbow. Yes, miracle. For almost 2 years, my husband and I suffered through infertility. Our reproductive endocrinologist gave us a less than 5% chance of ever being able to conceive on our own. Therefore, I…

Be Kind to Yourself

Lauren Bennett | May 6, 2020

Written by Lauren Hudson, Guest Blogger I was diagnosed with Asherman’s Syndrome (Scarring inside the uterus) at 20 years of age a year after I had my first son. I had retained placenta, become infected and hemorrhaged during a D&C procedure and also when I woke in recovery, resulting in my diagnosis. This was the beginning. Immediately my dreams of a big family were squashed but never in a million…

IVF a Pandemic and Me

Lauren Bennett | April 21, 2020

Written by Laura Behnke, Guest Blogger Don’t worry, if it’s meant to be it will be. I absolutely hate that comment.  And I have heard it a lot lately.  Ever since I went public with the very true reality that because of a global pandemic I may never be a mother. If it’s meant to be it will be. So, does that mean there is a possibility I’m not supposed…

Nourishing Hope

Lauren Bennett | March 30, 2020

Written by Consumer Advocates, Guest Blogger As closely as we watch our bodies while trying to conceive—from tracking our cycles to charting our temperatures to studying our cervical changes—it’s amazing how many women experiencing infertility are still surprised when they get pregnant. But preparing to be pregnant is actually part of the job of trying to get pregnant. That’s why the medical community recommends both women and men pay close…

We Are Not Incompetent

Lauren Bennett | February 14, 2020

Written by Rebecca Paradis, Guest Blogger Hi Friends, My name is Becca. I’m an ER nurse living in Alaska with my husband, Aaron, and fur baby, Abby.  Aaron and I have been trying to conceive for a year now.  It’s been a year of dedicated cycle tracking, basil body temps, cervical symptoms, all the things.  Every month that goes by we become more settled into the idea that having a…


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