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Under The Palm

Lauren Bennett | April 23, 2018

Fertility warrior Carly Kenihan shares why April is a special month and the latest project that benefits families going through fertility treatments! When I think of that negative pregnancy test. Heck-hundreds-of negative pregnancy tests – I still feel the sting. And I say hundreds because you better believe I took not one but five each month just to double triple five times confirm the disappointing results. There were lots of…


From WTF Sisters: Successful Frozen Embryo Transfer Tips and Tricks

Lauren Bennett | April 17, 2018

Infertility isn’t a journey anyone should travel alone, and sometimes our biggest supporters are others we haven’t met physically, but have interacted with countless times through social media. Last month, a sister came to us with a question about what others did to help an embryo stick after a frozen transfer. We posted the question on our Instagram because we knew you would answer the call. You did not disappoint or…


From WTF Sisters: The Best TTC Advice

Lauren Bennett | March 27, 2018

One thing (well, one of the many) that we love about the What The Fertility (WTF) community is the compassion towards others and willingness to share! Whether that means sharing stories, advice, tips, or just joining in on all the feels when someone is celebrating or needs a pick-me-up! Last month on our Instagram and Facebook pages, we asked you: “What was the best advice you were given while trying…


I See the Future of IVF and “It’s Finally Positive!”

Lauren Bennett | March 20, 2018

By Tasha Blasi, guest blogger I did ten rounds of IVF to have my children.  Hudson was round two and Mila was round ten. When I share this party trick of mine, I can tell if someone has also experienced fertility issues by the next question that they ask me. For those that have not needed fertility treatments to conceive, they ask, “Wow, how much did that cost you (in…


Finding My Identify Through Infertility

Lauren Bennett | February 27, 2018

Written by Lauren Bennett, WTF Content Editor For a majority of my life, I considered myself a typical, normal girl who would grow up to be a typical, normal woman. I would go to college, start my career, get married, have a few kids, travel, and grow old with lots of grandbabies by my side. I never thought much about how I identified myself, because I never had to. When…


From Hopeless to Hopeful

Lauren Bennett | February 1, 2018

Written by Michelle Hoti, guest blogger Ever since I was a little girl I dreamt of being a mom. I loved playing the “mom” whenever I would have playdates and I was so close to my mom growing up. I would often tell her how I couldn’t wait to be a mom just like her and how she was the best mom to me. Unfortunately, my mom got very sick with stage four…


Our Plane Ride: From Infertility to Surrogacy

Lauren Bennett | January 29, 2018

Written by Brittany Ortiz, guest blogger Often people say “You have to experience it yourself to understand.” And in most cases I tend to disagree. I personally feel that one can understand something without personally going through it. They can relate in some way or put themselves in someone else’s shoes per say. However, there is one situation you have to go through personally to fully comprehend; the loss of…


Learning To Love My Post Baby Body

Lauren Bennett | January 23, 2018

Written by Lauren Bennett, WTF Content Editor In the years my husband and I dealt with infertility, one of the hardest things to hear were the complaints of pregnant woman, specifically about their beautiful changing bodies. I would cringe every time someone referred to herself as “fat” or commented about the size of her thighs. I vowed that if we ever beat infertility and I was able to carrying our…


Keeping The Faith For My Miracle

Lauren Bennett | January 18, 2018

Written by Lilly Sharlow, guest blogger My story isn’t an easy one to share but it taught me a valuable lesson – faith. Every pregnancy is different and has challenges but hopefully my story inspires others to trust in a bigger power and that no matter what, we as mothers will always fight for our children.  Since I was a little, my biggest dream was to be a mom. I was 25…


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