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Keeping The Faith For My Miracle

January 18, 2018

Written by Lilly Sharlow, guest blogger

My story isn’t an easy one to share but it taught me a valuable lesson – faith. Every pregnancy is different and has challenges but hopefully my story inspires others to trust in a bigger power and that no matter what, we as mothers will always fight for our children. 

Since I was a little, my biggest dream was to be a mom. I was 25 when I got married and living in Cabo, Mexico as an English preschool teacher, I felt I had everything I ever wanted. As soon as I got married, the first thing I wanted to do was have children and fulfill my dream. So, one try and BAMM! I’m pregnant. The excitement was indescribable but that soon changed. My husband and I decided to wait until after our first appointment to announce the great news. Here we are, two happy newlyweds ready to see our baby but the doctor saw something a little weird in the ultrasound on my left ovary and thought something was off. She told us to come back in a week and to wait to tell our family since she wanted to confirm the baby was indeed ok. I was a tad concerned but I understood. Six weeks into being pregnant, she sent us to another doctor to get a special ultrasound and at this point I knew something was just not right. In a couple of hours, we went back to our OBGYN who told us I need surgery because it’s possibly an ectopic pregnancy and my health is at risk. At this point I wanted to just cry and question why this is happening to me. How am I going to call my parents and give them two announcements: that I was expecting but I needed emergency surgery in another country. Little did I know this was just the beginning of this journey.

On September 22, 2011 I went into surgery. The chances my growing baby would make it are 10% since I had to be cut open as a C-section surgery to get to the ovary in question. The surgery went well and after my recovery I went back to my OBGYN to discuss my pregnancy. I sat at the doctor’s office and my husband held my hand. Then the doctor said “The surgery was successful for the baby. However…” My heart dropped. She said they found cancer and it was very aggressive. I took a minute to digest the news but then she turned to me and said “You need to start treatment and your baby will not make it. You possibly won’t be able to have children.”  

When I heard the news that I wasn’t going to be a mom I felt that my whole world ended. In my head I could deal with cancer but the fact that I can’t have a baby or keep this little human that saved my life was just something I couldn’t bear. I left that office with so much conflicting emotions. Why me? How can I overcome this? I needed to be with family and go back to the States to get other opinions. Four days post recovery, I was back. When I landed, my family was hugged me and showed so much support but no one wanted to say the word “cancer.”

I met with the best Oncologist-OBGYN in the Bay Area, who said I needed to start treatment right away and possibly get an abortion. At that moment, I felt a sense of peace and I strongly said NO. I remember looking at my mom and husband’s face as if I was crazy. I wanted to continue with my pregnancy and I knew I had to fight for this little human and that I had to have faith. I prayed, went to an eastern medicine doctor and followed his instructions, changed my food intake, and did everything I could in my power. 

A couple weeks passed and it was time for some additional tests. The oncologist looked at me and I looked at her holding my tummy and said “I have faith that my test will be lower and I don’t need treatment.” I took the ovarian cancer test (CA125) and had an ultrasound. To my doctor’s surprise, it was indeed lower. The first battle God decided to put in this crazy journey was done. It was a high-risk pregnancy but my baby was ok and I continued my faith to fight for this little human. Little did I know another curveball was going to be thrown my way.


On May 15th, I was ready to meet this baby girl but I felt that something was off. Laying in the hospital bed waiting to meet this miracle baby that I fought against all odds for, I find out that my husband was having an affair. My heart sank and all the emotions caused me to have complications. I was quickly rushed into surgery to have a C-section. I was broken but luckily the baby and I were fine and when I looked at this baby’s face, I knew I had to be strong. I left everything behind at 26 years old with a newborn baby, still dealing with medical issues and starting from scratch as a single mom.

I felt so hopeless I remember just crying out to God and said “I don’t know what your plan is but, you are testing me! My heart is broken and my journey has been hell but you gave me the greatest gift and no matter how much you put me through I will always be in debt to you for giving me the gift of becoming a mom. So whatever it is, my focus will be on this baby girl and showing her how strong her mommy is.” I started working when my sweet baby was only 2 months old and built a career while focusing on becoming the best Mom to my daughter that I could be.

After all of this I do have a happy ending I PROMISE! I met my now husband that took in my daughter as his own. Now I have my beautiful 5-year-old miracle baby and now a gorgeous 19-week-old baby girl with only 1 ovary left and a somewhat “normal” pregnancy with taking cancer screenings every 6 months.

Looking back at my story, I still can’t even believe my journey but one thing I know is somehow through it all I was able to keep my faith and strength with God’s mercy and grace. No pregnancy is easy and everyone is fighting a battle during or after a baby, but we are all strong women and no matter what we overcome it for our babies and faith. 



My Path To The Ultimate Victory

January 16, 2018

Written by Rebekah Venturella, guest blogger

I never imagined that my life would endure such a challenge as this. Life certainly has its share of challenges, but infertility was not something I would have ever imagined facing.

My husband and I have trying to get pregnant for almost four years now. We spent 2017 navigating our way through countless Clomid assisted cycles and four round of IUI, sadly, to no avail. Needless to say, it has been the most trying time of my life.

I’m writing this, we started my first round of stimulation medication in preparation for IVF. With so much anticipation built up around the process and the “big scary shots,” when it begins, it feels as though you’re having an out-of-body experience. It’s both real and surreal at the same time.

You’ve walked a long road up to this point, had your share of utter heartache and shattered hopes, and now it comes down to this moment, as you stand preparing the needle and syringe, diligently cleaning the vile for the allotted fifteen seconds, and you can’t help but think, “Is this going to hurt?” “Am I missing something?” “What am I even doing?!” “Has this really become my new reality!?” And ultimately, at a time when you’d rather it not, the one question always in the back of your mind pesters it’s way forward – “ Will it work this time?”

Regardless, you know you’ve got to try, and you know you will keep trying no matter what, because nothing is worth more. So you summon the courage and gently press the needle in, calm yourself when it begins to burn and the feeling of blacking out washes over you like a wave.

Then, it’s over. You’ve done it. You’ve officially stepped into the world of IVF and attained another small victory. Because, when you’ve come to that place in life where you’re forced by disappointment to dream cautiously and shoulder more than your share of pain, it’s all about those small victories that will one day lead to the ultimate victory and turning point in your life. Anyone who’s gone through a similar experience can no doubt relate. However, in spite of the heartache and lingering doubts, my husband and I both are looking forward to the New Year with the anticipation of new life. So, let it begin!

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Staying Humble and Kind

January 11, 2018

Written By: Tonee Cramer, Guest Blogger

When my husband and I married in November 2013, we knew that we wanted a family right away and were hopeful it would happen in the first year. Due to my previous medical issues as a child, my OB wanted to do some further testing. After over a year of tests, charting cycles, surgery to clear out scar tissue, and four rounds of Letrazole, our OB decided it would be best for us to move on to a fertility specialist.

My husband and I both agreed that wasn’t our path and decided to turn to another way of starting a family. We both were doing research on adoptions without the other one knowing! One day we sat down at the dining room table and decided that adoption is our calling from God. We contacted an agency and figured it would take a couple years to adopt a baby but we were willing to wait to our miracle.

In November 2016, we started the process and finally finished with all the paperwork the following January. Our profile was finally ready! Initially, we had two expectant mothers look at our profile but in the end, we weren’t chosen. It was very hard but we kept saying “Our baby is out there. Just be patient.”

On April 25, 2017, we got a call that our profile was shown to an expectant other due in October and we were one of two couples she narrowed down but she would be making her final decision the following day. However, there was a little more to the story! Her support person was her sister who also was expecting and due May 23 – just a short four weeks away! We couldn’t stop smiling and both said “yes, we will adopt that baby who is due in May.”

The next morning our social workers called and said “Well the October mother has chosen you as well. Is that something you want?” My husband and I both knew it would be very challenging but we accepted both babies! We are fortunate enough to have a wonderful support system and knew these babies were meant to be ours. We met both expectant mothers on May 5 and were so excited we couldn’t hold back the smiles.

Our first baby boy was born May 16. We brought him home when he was just 26 hours old! We continued to attend prenatal appointments for the October baby and he was born October 1. If you do the math, that makes our boys just 4 1/2 months apart! It hasn’t been an easy journey but it’s exactly the journey we have wanted. My husband and I work together to care for the babies, and although we aren’t perfect- we try really hard for them! Our saying throughout our entire infertility and adoption process was- always stay humble and kind.

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Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Discriminate

January 9, 2018

Written by Tiffany Johnston, WTF Contributor

It’s not far fetched to imagine that when living and breathing infertility you become obsessed about the possibilities and failures. There is little time or energy in your day to focus on what happens after you have the baby. My heart fluctuated between believing that there would be a baby and not wanting to jinx a potential future pregnancy. After our first infertility blessing was born our world was turned upside down. Our birth went nothing like we had planned, our hospital experience was a complete nightmare, and when I finally got to go home my life long desire to breastfeed was blown into a million tiny pieces just weeks after our journey had started.

Every two hours our little one woke wailing, screaming, and crying of hunger as I battled to successfully breastfeed our miracle. In return, he spit up on every non-washable surface, became a cuddle monster that would only be soothed by my mother, and cried every time something didn’t happen right when he wanted. There were moments that I felt as though I had the world’s worst case of buyer’s remorse but I couldn’t tell anyone about it because we had done just about everything possible to (literally) buy this bundle of joy. And yet I pushed, fought, and struggled to breastfeed and for weeks it felt as though I was slowly killing myself. It was my own fault really. I had this standard set for myself. My mother was a lactation consultant and so I grew up believing that breastfeeding was the only true way. It turns out that while my mother and husband hoped that we would be successful at breastfeeding, in the end no one else really cared when everything started unraveling beneath me. In truth, they just wanted the baby and I to be happy and healthy, and at the three week mark that was far from the truth.

It wasn’t long before I had a complete meltdown from a severe lack of sleep. It was inevitable when we fed every two hours and I pumped after every feed not to mention the compounding stress from our son’s lack of weight gain. There were moments that I looked at him with no emotion whatsoever. By the end of week three, my Fibromyalgia was flaring, our son hadn’t gained enough weight to satisfy the doctors and breastfeeding had become painfully unbearable, not to mention the overwhelming emotions that were spinning in my head. Every time he would cry to be fed I broke down into a sopping tear stained mess, just dreading the pain of breastfeeding and the oncoming exhaustion that would directly follow.

It never occurred to me at the time that I had postpartum depression (PPD). If I even began to think about having PPD, I quickly concluded that I wasn’t allowed to have it after infertility. Yes, I wasn’t allowed because I had begged to be a mother. This little miracle wasn’t an “oops” or even a timely planned addition to our family. He was way overdue by the time he did arrive, so much so that we were convinced that he may never show up at all. So how on earth could I then have the feelings that I was having?

After having an epic breakdown and my mother finally telling the first person in 20 years that they were not to continue breastfeeding, we stopped cold turkey and switched to formula. Putting a cold stop to the 2 hour cycle of feedings, completely sleepless nights, and the inability to let someone else feed him. It wasn’t long before the fog slowly began to lift, emotions began to settle, and I eventually began to recognize that I wasn’t in fact ungrateful. I was your average first time mom, that simply had postpartum depression. Even at the darkest times of our infertility struggle it was hard to imagine that being pregnant wouldn’t just solve all our problems, wants and desires. But truth be told I am not convinced that our infertility struggles ever really go away. Our hearts become tender and bruised from one failed round after another and it can put a sour and long lasting taste in your mouth for years whether you ever conceive or not.

So, if and when, you reach the other side of infertility, please remember that if things don’t go your way and the world is slowly becoming a dark and dreary place, please don’t try and cover up your emotions and fears. Know that just because you fought and paid the price many times over to expand your family, PDD doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t pick and choose based on our experiences and it doesn’t care that you fought and suffered time after time. So if you find yourself overwhelmed with PPD after you finally get your miracle, just breathe. It will be okay and just like with infertility, work on one struggle at a time and know that the overwhelming emotions won’t last forever. In fact one of the hardest parts may in fact be simply admitting to yourself that PPD might just be knocking at your door.

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Modern Fertility: Exploring Your Fertility

January 4, 2018

What if you could take a preliminary fertility test for a fraction of the cost? We got to chat with Modern Fertility founders, Afton Vechery and Carly Leahy about the test and how it is helping to pave the way for women to take charge of their fertility, whether they are actively trying for a babe or preparing for the future!

1.Tell us about yourselves? How and why did you come up with the test?

Afton & Carly: (A&C): We started Modern Fertility because we heard a lot of buzz (and panic) about fertility—but we had no idea how it applied to us. You could say the company was ‘born’ from Afton’s experience with traditional fertility testing. She wasn’t ready to have kids anytime soon, so when she learned about simple blood tests that were better predictors of fertility than just age, she decided to do the testing. She found a fertility clinic (there less than 500 in the US), went in to take the tests, and was amazed by what she learned about her reproductive timeline. Finally, real data! She appreciated how powerful this information could be for her–yet the numbers in her results were confusing. Then, she got a bill in the mail for $1500. There had to be a better way. And here we are!

2.The Modern Fertility testing almost sounds too good to be true. How does it work?

A&C: We take the same tests offered in top fertility clinics and bring them to women earlier in life. We designed Modern Fertility so you could get all of the latest and greatest scientific research about fertility without poring through papers – we do that for you! We’ve spent thousands of hours working with the top Reproductive Endocrinologists (RE), OB/GYNS, endocrinologists, and primary care doctors–they’ve reviewed every report–and helped us distill the latest clinical research, national guidelines, and clinic information into easy-to-understand reports. We’re working to create a world where instead of “waiting and seeing,” you can better understand your fertile years and plan accordingly.

To get an idea of how it all works, you can view a demo of the test here!

3. What exactly are you testing for?

A&C: We test between 1 and 9 hormones, depending on your birth control. These hormones map to ovarian reserve (a fancy way of saying “how many eggs you have”), ovulation (the process of releasing an egg), and general body functions that have implications for fertility. We test these hormones through a blood test. Currently we have the option for women to swing by a local Quest Diagnostics for their blood test. Soon, we’ll also have the option for women to take the test at home, with a simple finger-prick test.

4.Can Modern Fertility help women who are struggling with infertility?

A&C: Modern Fertility tests are exclusively intended to be used for wellness monitoring and are not intended to diagnose and treat disease or substitute for any physician’s consultation. If you’re actively trying to have children, we recommend consulting with your doctor on the best treatment plan. We provide an easy way for you to download your Modern Fertility raw results to share with your doctor.

5. What other kind of women will benefit from Modern Fertility?

A&C: We started Modern Fertility for women who are not yet ready for kids, but who want information about what’s going on in their bodies today. We have a way to track almost everything in our lives–steps, cholesterol, bank statements and family trees. Something as formative as fertility shouldn’t be a mystery. Women deserve to have this powerful information–and should be able to track it over time in an easy, affordable way.

6. Where do we purchase a test and how much does it cost?

A&C: You can purchase your test today at The test currently costs $159.

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A Different Sort of Resolution

January 1, 2018

Written By: Erin Zemba, Guest Blogger

New Year’s Resolutions are not something I usually set, since it can be so hard to stick to them. I don’t want to let myself down, so why set a goal I won’t achieve? Well, this year, 2018, is different! I have set a resolution to be as healthy as I can in preparation for IVF. I want a BMI under 30 before I start my first cycle.

So why is this year any different? This year, resolutions will be a lot easier to stick to because I will have more than myself to let down if I don’t stick to it. This year, there is much more at stake.

By far, 2017 was not my favorite year. Aside from normal challenges, like car repairs and settling into my career, I also had my second, third, and fourth unsuccessful pregnancies. The first had been at the end of 2016 — after nearly a decade of contraception, almost as soon as we stopped preventing pregnancy, we saw those wonderful two lines! We were scared but excited. Unfortunately, that first pregnancy turned out to be an ectopic. I was followed closely, and it resolved on its own. At the same time, we also found out I have a Unicornuate Uterus and only one connecting fallopian tube. Once I felt recovered, we began trying again in 2017. Soon after we were pregnant again, but the risk of another ectopic made us nervous. The second pregnancy mirrored the first, and with that we had our second loss.. The odds were increasingly against us. While pregnancy losses are incredibly common, multiple subsequent losses decrease the chances of a successful birth.

But hey, third time’s a charm, right? Nope. That time brought a biochemical pregnancy that briefly got our hopes up with a positive pregnancy test, but was over as swiftly as it started. Finally, to cap off 2017, I was pregnant for the fourth time in just thirteen short months. This one seemed right. My hCG was doubling. I had no pain, and for the first time, no spotting! But of course, with my history, my RE wanted an early ultrasound. We awaited it anxiously with cautious optimism, and at 6 weeks, there was nothing to see in my uterus.

Instead, a faint heartbeat flickered in my only fallopian tube. We were whisked away straight to surgery where my only tube and the pregnancy were removed. Although it was sudden, we had also, in a way, spent the year preparing ourselves. Each pregnancy loss had made us a little surer of what we were facing. In a way, it was a relief that it was no longer a suspicion. The surgery had made it concrete: as of November 2017, we can no longer get pregnant naturally. Fortunately, though, we still have a shot through IVF with the help of an awesome team of doctors, nurses, and scientists. So in our case, it’s going to take a village to make a baby.

Here is where my 2018 resolution comes in. By staying true to my resolution, I am on track to have a BMI under 30 by February, and the plan is to start my first IVF cycle as soon as I reach that goal. I am currently at a BMI of 31.5, so reaching 30 corresponds to losing eight pounds over the next two months. With hard work and devotion, I will achieve that goal. Why did I chose 30 as the magic number? It has a lot to do with what my physician has recommended. She explained how the chances of a successful IVF cycle increase with each point off of the BMI. Furthermore, there is extensive research on the success outcomes of IVF with a healthy weight. In fact, one 2015 study states that:

Higher BMI is also associated with negative outcomes for patients undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). In a study of 233 IVF cycles, a BMI consistent with being overweight (BMI 25–29.9 kg/m2) or obese (BMI???30 kg/m2) was associated with a lower pregnancy rate (23 % and 22 %, respectively) compared with women of a BMI of 20–22.4 kg/m2 (pregnancy rate- 42 %). Similarly, a BMI of???25 kg/m2 has a lower rate of blastocyst formation compared to women with a BMI of <25 kg/m2 (54.9 versus 43.9 %, p?<?0.007).

We are about to invest significantly into this new adventure of IVF — both financially and emotionally — and I want to do what I can to make the odds of success as high as they can be. We hope for the best possible outcomes and I want my resolution  to set us up for success. That’s why this year’s resolution means so much more.

Here’s my plan to make sure I achieve my resolution and with the support of my physician and my family, I am on my way:

  • My physician and I discussed changes to implement at one of my appointments. I am not using any specific diet plan. I plan to achieve this goal by eating healthy, controlling portion size, eliminating consumption of many processed foods, eliminating alcohol, and adding in moderate restorative exercise. I have been using My Fitness Pal to keep track of my calories. I love the feature at the end of the day where it tells me “if everyday were like today, in five weeks, you’d weigh ____.” It is very motivating and inspires my willpower.  
  • I’m getting moderate exercise through walking for 30 to 60 minutes daily, and our dog, Paisley, absolutely loves this! I am also doing yoga. I have found I really enjoy it and feel regenerated afterwards. I have become a fan of “Yoga with Adriene” which is free on YouTube and I recommend her videos. I have decided on walking and yoga since extreme exercise to the point of exhaustion is actually is associated with poorer IVF outcomes.
  • Finally, we have all but eliminated alcohol consumption, since consuming fewer than four units of alcohol a week is also associated with better IVF outcomes.

So, there you have it. It’s one thing to know that these things are healthier for you, but it’s another thing altogether to hear it in the context of IVF. These small lifestyle changes can have an enormous impact on the likelihood of success with IVF, and that can be an incredible motivator. And the benefits are enough for me to schedule my IVF timeline around. All these healthy steps are an important part of reaching my overall fertility goal for 2018. To have a successful pregnancy is a pretty strong motivator!

Cheers (with sparkling water) to a healthy and happy 2018.

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