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Finding Hope for the New Year

Lauren Bennett | January 14, 2019

Written by Kateka Goodman, WTF Contributor We all sacrifice for motherhood in different ways. For me, for a decade, my sacrifice was in using my money to pay for treatments; the sacrifice came when I put my body through hell with injections, hormones, treatments, miscarriages, weight gain, hair loss; I sacrificed my sanity, and my faith, for a while; I nearly sacrificed my marriage. Last year, when I stepped into…

Taking Back New Years

Lauren Bennett | January 3, 2019

Written by Ashtyn Kalika, Guest Blogger New years can be a tough journey for the fertility challenged as we reflect on the year that was. The months spent hoping and praying for our arms to be filled, the intense up and down emotional roller coaster, the empty womb.  You can’t help but envision and pray for your dreams to become a reality in the New Year. I have only been…

9 Infertility Resolutions for 2019

Lauren Bennett | December 27, 2018

Written by Jessica Hansen, Guest Blogger I rang in 2017 in my pajamas on my couch. I was recovering from a stomach bug that most of my in-laws had caught (but my husband had somehow avoided, naturally). Still, I was optimistic about the new year. Having tried to get pregnant for six months or so by then, I was confident 2018 would be our year. I was right – and…

Dear Family and Friends, Part 3

Lauren Bennett | December 17, 2018

Written by Heather, Guest Blogger Part three in our 3 part series! These journal entries share the ups and downs of the roller coaster that is trying to have a baby when you’re walking the path of infertility. If you are also walking that path, may you be encouraged and know you are not alone. December 22 It’s hard to believe that Christmas is here again. For the past three…

We’re Finally Sending out Christmas Cards

Lauren Bennett | December 15, 2018

Written by Alyssa Hustedt, Guest Blogger If you have ever been associated with the word infertility, you know that the holidays can be one of the most difficult seasons of the year.  Everywhere you look it feels like there is a reminder that something or someone is missing. During our first years of marriage, my husband and I briefly talked about sending out Christmas cards.  “Let’s just wait until when…


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