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Cayson – Against All Odds

Lauren Bennett | April 22, 2019

Written by Sunsarae Jackson, Guest Blogger Cayson: Courageous and tough; Unrelenting. Courageous – Not deterred by danger or pain Tough – Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling. Unrelenting – Not softening or giving in easily. I believe GOD allows you to go through things so that you can share your story. You never know how sharing your story can bring healing to someone else. I…

Infertility Uncovered

Lauren Bennett | April 20, 2019

Written by Jessica Di Bella, Guest Blogger We started dating when we were only teenagers back in 2005— dreaming together what our wedding day would be like, how we would build a life together and of course, what our future babies would be like. The value of family and wanting to create one of our own one day, has always been a common value we treasured about one another. By…

Infertility and Insurance

Lauren Bennett | April 18, 2019

Written by Elena Ridley, Guest Blogger Ah infertility, it was a word I was not super familiar with until my husband and I started trying for babies several years ago.  Never ever in my life had I considered I would be affected by infertility.  No one in my family struggled with it, I had normal cycles and had never had any issues in the past, but once we began trying…

Finding the Right Doctor for Your Journey

Lauren Bennett | April 10, 2019

Written by Lindsey Lederer, Guest Blogger It’s true what they say – so much can change in a year. One year ago today I was two days away from my embryo transfer and I was full of hope, but my heart was guarded. I had been on this road before and both times I hit roadblocks. This time felt different. I had a different protocol and a different mindset. I…

April Fools Pregnancy Announcement

Lauren Bennett | April 1, 2019

Written by Elizabeth Angelakis, Guest Blogger Exactly two weeks after my D&C is when I would have been 13 weeks pregnant, which happened to fall on April 1st.  I found out I was pregnant at the beginning of February after trying for a couple of months and we were so excited to get pregnant so quickly considering I had endometriosis and didn’t know what my fertility would be like. I…


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