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Hope for the Haps

Birkley Kuykendall | August 17, 2018

Written by Bethany Hapner Seven years ago my husband and I tied the knot and eventually as all couples do, we wanted to start a family. We waited a year into our marriage, because when we were first married my mother in law who had Alzheimer’s lived with us. Well, one year turned into two and eventually two turned into three, and so on. My husband is paralyzed from the…

We Share in Grief

Birkley Kuykendall | August 15, 2018

Written by Taylor Fixler March 27th 2015. We were going out to dinner to celebrate. We were celebrating for two reasons; we celebrate the 27th of every month to honor the day we met, and I was also expecting our first child. We were full of joy and love and were so at peace with our impending title of parents. My husband parked the car in the lot behind the…

Our Rainbows After Years of Storms

Birkley Kuykendall | August 13, 2018

Written by Tiffany Johnston Storms are often full of turmoil, darkness and in the worst cases can leave us grappling with immense loss. However, no matter the final toll of a storm; when the first ray of light breaks through the clouds, there is always a flash of hope and belief that we are headed towards a better and brighter tomorrow, in those moments we often look for a rainbow.…

The Long Journey to Luca

Birkley Kuykendall | August 6, 2018

Written by: Kimberly Shanahan After losing Reagan it was hard to think of anything else. There’s so much that goes through your head constantly. I wanted to focus on something else and was completely distraught with losing her and not having the child we had planned for. Having a baby was still in the cards and the plan was to try again as soon as possible. Getting pregnant with Reagan…

Anxiety’s Long Road

Birkley Kuykendall | August 3, 2018

Written by: Marilena Kalfountzos I never thought it could happen to me. How could it when it just happened to my sister? And I already had a 15 month old little girl who was a perfect pregnancy. But it happened. I was 10 weeks and I went to my first ultrasound. The doctor came in happily and asked me how I was feeling. I told her my morning sickness had…


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